Rainer Liedtke. Pass away europaische Combination seit dem Ersten Weltkrieg

Rainer Liedtke. Pass away europaische Combination seit dem Ersten Weltkrieg

He along with highlighted the importance of the message off a work, and its own advantages towards the promoting community in the deciding if a bit of books is viewed as «globe literature». New intersection out-of worldwide otherwise universal dreams, such with globe literature today often meaning deals with transnational dimensions, and in what way literary works you will definitely serve nation-strengthening methods try for example revitalizing to the talk.

Prof. Dr. Jochen Mecke is actually an expert regarding literature and you will people away from The country of spain and you will France. He prospects brand new Language Look Heart (Forschungszentrum Spanien) during the Regensburg that’s spokesperson of the CITAS government board. They have had written commonly with the books, culture and you can flick during the France and The country of spain. His latest browse targets crises from inside the Spain and also the cultural reputation of sleeping.

Just what began inside 1951 once the Western european Coal and you will Metal Area having half dozen member states has continued to develop over the age towards the Eu, an incredibly state-of-the-art political company associated with most European regions. It lecture examined if European integration can be seen while the a beneficial successful opportunity otherwise if the desire has grown to become to the yet another section of the region.

Prof. Liedtke’s from inside the-depth writeup on European consolidation grabbed an old method, going back initial to a few of 19th-100 years suggestions regarding Eu economic combination. Then detail by detail the introduction of structures and you may organizations forming today’s Eu whoever foundations have been in the latest Schuman Declaration of 1950 additionally the 1956 Treaty out-of Rome. He along with tested the brand new historic requirements during the some level of the EEC and EU’s expansion. Due to the fact early many years of organization Western european consolidation was indeed marked by venture anywhere between federal governments, throughout the years federal hobbies gave treatment for a beneficial supranational approach. If national appeal usually again establish principal since Europe knowledge the stress, is still around viewed.

Their historical analysis advised one to while you are monetary consolidation could have been seemingly uncontested, even if not versus frictions and you can inequalities otherwise «two-speed» answers to brand new unmarried currency, it is on the arena of values where in fact the concept of European countries is producing certain divergence. These anxieties more than Europe’s upcoming had been prevalent in the after the discussion.

Right here long-position historical relationships, instance France’s involvement with Romania otherwise Germany’s in order to Eastern-Main European countries, swayed West Western european views on the eastward extension, if you’re there were plus governmental wants within the south expansion to your former dictatorships in the 1980s

Prof. Dr.Rainer Liedtke is actually chair out-of European Record when you look at the Regensburg. He finished their PhD at Oxford just before composing his habilitation within the Giessen. He has got authored relative historic knowledge in several dialects with a great work at metropolitan history exploring the skills from Great britain, Germany and you will Jewish communities to start with.

Marek Nekula. Nationale und transnationale Erinnerungsraume.

Which lecture presented an introduction to just what form narratives and you can recollections narratives, examining particularly its character in the creation of identities while the element of (European) national and transnational memory discourses. Brand new thematic attract are toward expulsions off communities across wartime and you will postwar Main Europe. Claus Leggewie’s make of Eu recollections countries when it comes to concentric circles place the new Holocaust from the key, into expulsions and http://datingranking.net/tr/dabble-inceleme you will pushed migration creating the second circle, indicating their position so you’re able to Western european memories. It turned obvious on the controversies of one’s 2000s just like the tip to have a centre Facing Expulsions came up regarding German followers out-of the source. So it lecture received into instances off Czech literary works to show just how depictions off expulsion and you will forced migration possess gradually moved on regarding national buildings into the transnational alternatives.

Prof. Nekula considering an obvious theoretic and conceptual understanding of key maxims from story training, along with narrative itself, discourse and you can master narratives (Meistererzahlung). He presented just how these concepts enforce inside tracing new character of memories narratives when you look at the Czech-German interactions. Concerned about the latest tensions anywhere between thinking-thinking and you may attitudes regarding someone else because the subjects and you may/or perpetrators, he demonstrated exactly how such core maxims is applicable on paper literary records and you can a history of memories. As well, the new transnational circulations of the words employed by for every single class to explain skills (including Czech Odsun and German Vertreibung or Heimat) is actually a sign of the amount to which discussion is achievable or defeated.

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